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209b9c56316898dd01cfb475cbbfa5ce1 Lighting - GR Electrical


Working in London for many years with lighting installation engineers and interior designers inspired us to take lighting installation more seriously. A well-lit room can look very special indeed; however, poor lighting can make expensive furniture look quite unsightly!

You may have thought to employ a lighting designer which can be costly but here at GR Electrical we do not charge for helping you create your perfectly lit space.

The latest LED lighting installation is now so good that it is indistinguishable from conventional lighting, but runs at a fraction of the cost. However, it is important to make sure the colour temperature of these new lamps is suitable for the room in which they are installed and again, we are happy to give advice.

When it comes to commercial lighting our qualified electrical contractors are masters in their field. We supply all types of commercial lighting from flood lights, security lights to energy saving LED office lights. If you need advice on commercial lighting please call us for a quote where we will be happy to help.

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